As the fastest-growing MFT product in the world, GoAnywhere MFT (Managed File Transfer) is a HelpSystems solution that integrates and securely moves data through a single, intuitive user interface.

We have partnered with HelpSystems to bring GoAnywhere to your organisation to simplify, secure, and automate file transfers across all environments and applications.

**Ranked #1 in 2020 report from Info-Tech Research Group for MFT Solutions**

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What is GoAnywhere MFT?

GoAnywhere MFT is a centralised, enterprise-level solution that simplifies, secures, and automates critical file transfers. Using industry-standard protocols and technologies for encryption (e.g. OpenPGP, SFTP, HTTPS), GoAnywhere helps users, partners, and organisations secure end-to-end data integration and movement.

GoAnywhere is the only MFT solution that works on every operating system, either on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hosted SaaS solution. More than 30 out-of-the-box integrations to major applications, and easy drag-and-drop configuration of automated workflows, make data transfer and integration processes more efficient.

With auditing and reporting, GoAnywhere helps organisations meet compliance regulations like PCI DSS, the GDPR, and SOX. Try a 30-day trial.

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GoAnywhere MFT in healthcare

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure file transfer solution that works for healthcare organisations and business associates to safeguard sensitive patient data. The software is easy to implement and requires no programming experience to use, so any team can get up and running quickly.

Healthcare Case Study: WellSouth Primary Health Network

WellSouth Primary Health Network uses the GoAnywhere MFT (Managed File Transfer) solution to securely transfer patient data between health professionals. Learn why they chose GoAnywhere MFT and how it works for their organisation.

Secure Email

Share sensitive files with the Secure Mail module in GoAnywhere MFT.

Your employees need an easy and secure way to share sensitive files with customers, partners, and other users. With the GoAnywhere Secure Mail module, you can use the convenience of email along with the security of HTTPS to deliver your messages and files safely.

When a Secure Mail package is sent, the contents of the package are automatically encrypted and then stored on your server. GoAnywhere then sends a notification email with a link to the file. This link allows the user to download the message and files over a secure HTTPS connection.

Learn More about Secure Mail:

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