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As threats become more complex and persistent, alerts increase, and security teams are overwhelmed, Cyber attackers do not discriminate. Small businesses are just as susceptible as large enterprises. But based on our research, almost 60% of small and medium businesses said they didn’t feel equipped to maintain cybersecurity hygiene, citing insufficient resources and lack of specialized security skills.

Table of content

  1. What is Microsoft 365 Defender? 
  2. What does Microsoft 365 Defender do?
  3. What’s new with Microsoft 365 Defender? 
  4. Why is so important for your organisation to use Microsoft 365 Defender? 
  5. How we can help?
  6. Conclusion

1.What is Microsoft 365 Defender? 

Microsoft 365 Defender empowers your organization’s defenders by putting the right tools and intelligence in the hands of the right people. Combine SIEM and XDR to increase efficiency and effectiveness while securing your digital estate. 

Microsoft 365 Defender is a unified pre- and post-breach enterprise defense suite that natively coordinates detection, prevention, investigation, and response across endpoints, identities, email, and applications to provide integrated protection against sophisticated attacks. 

With the integrated Microsoft 365 Defender solution, security professionals can stitch together the threat signals that each of these products receives and determines the full scope and impact of the threat; how it entered the environment, what it’s affected, and how it’s currently impacting the organization.  

Microsoft 365 Defender takes automatic action to prevent or stop the attack and self-heal affected mailboxes, endpoints, and user identities. 

 2. What does Microsoft 365 Defender do? 

Reducing cyber risk requires comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management to identify, assess, remediate, and track all your biggest vulnerabilities across your most critical assets, all in a single solution. 

Defender Vulnerability Management delivers asset visibility, intelligent assessments, and built-in remediation tools for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and network devices. Leveraging Microsoft threat intelligence, breach likelihood predictions, business contexts, and devices assessments, Defender Vulnerability Management rapidly and continuously prioritizes the biggest vulnerabilities on your most critical assets and provides security recommendations to mitigate risk. 

3.What’s new with Microsoft 365 Defender? 

With Defender Vulnerability Management, you can empower your security and IT teams to bridge workflow gaps and prioritize and address critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your organization. Reduce cyber security risk with: 

  • Asset discovery & inventory 

Defender Vulnerability Management built-in and agentless scanners continuously monitor and detect risk in your organization even when devices aren’t connected to the corporate network. 

A single inventory with a real-time consolidated view of your organization’s software applications, digital certificates, network shares, and browser extensions helps you discover and assess all your organization’s assets. 

  • Vulnerability & configuration assessment 

Understand and assess your cyber exposure with advanced vulnerability.  Get a view of the organization’s software inventory, and software changes like installations, uninstalls, and patches. View a list of the browser extensions and certificates installed across different browsers in your organization. 

  •  Risk-based intelligent prioritization 

Defender Vulnerability Management leverage Microsoft’s threat intelligence, breach likelihood predictions, business contexts, and device assessments to quickly prioritize the biggest vulnerabilities in your organization. A single view of prioritized recommendations from multiple security feeds, along with critical details including related CVEs and exposed devices helps you quickly remediate the biggest vulnerabilities on your most critical assets. 

4.Why is so important for your organisation to use Microsoft 365 Defender?  

We’re living through unprecedented growth of digital interactions. In this boundaryless digital ecosystem, trust between parties needs to be established in real-time. Yet trust is a rare commodity on the internet. In this new world where digital ‘handshakes’ are more common than analogue, identity is fundamental.  

As collaboration flows freely across organizational boundaries, it’s more important than ever to keep both your data and people secure and private.   

Critical Controls and Auditing your cyber resilience have never been more important.  

Misconfigurations, insecure configurations, and weak security controls can expose vulnerabilities in the entire company and lead to data breaches and reputation loss. Cyber attackers do not discriminate – small businesses are just as targeted as large enterprises.  

Is important for you to understand that is necessary to invest in security, not infrastructure setup and maintenance and to simplify security operations and speed up threat response with integrated automation and orchestration of common tasks and workflows.   

5. How we can help?  

As specialists, we look after all your IT security needs to ensure you are resilient to cybersecurity threats, manage your risks and maintain compliance with cost-effective solutions.   

We have in-depth knowledge of healthcare technology, from primary and secondary care to radiotherapy, proton and carbon ion therapy, leading digital transformation across businesses in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Asia for the past 20 years.  

Our customers are public, private or research centres and organisations of all sizes.  

We use best in class solutions underpinned by privacy and security by design principles, leveraging cloud and emerging technologies, from big data analytics and machine learning to blockchain and IoT.  

We can offer you the complete range of cybersecurity services and solutions, you just have to act now, before it’s too late.   

In partnership with Microsoft, we launch the Managed Security Service Campaign where you can enrol with Microsoft 365 Defender and Stop cybersecurity threats and attacks, build your next-generation Cloud Security Operations with zero-trust, best practices and AI.  

As an act of goodwill and support, we are offering 5 (five) Free Cyber Security Risk Assessments to the first 5 (five) registered organisations for Medical IT Advisors Microsoft Managed Security Services campaign 

 6. Conclusion

Don’t wait for the next incident or next budget, complete the form and act Now!

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