Medical IT Advisors Services

30+ years combined hands-on experience

Consulting and Advisory

Virtual CIO/CTO, Risk assessments and gap analyses, reviews and documentation, Compliance and QA review, Privacy and security awareness training

Privacy and Security review and testing

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Security architecture review, Threat modelling, Cloud risk assessments (CRA), Vulnerability assessments, Penetration testing

Cloud and Digital Transformation

Digital strategy and change management, adoption of cloud services and emerging tech, e.g. AI, Blockchain, IoT

Integration and Analytics

Beyond silos, all data can be integrated, searched, transformed into insights. Data federation or aggregation using REST, HL7, FHIR or GraphQL

Health Information Security

We provide assessments on Health Information Security Framework (HISF) compliance, the New Zealand HISO 10029:2015 standard. HISF is relevant to any type of healthcare organisation, e.g. GP, Dentists, PHOs, DHBs. An organisation that does not have a health information security policy cannot assure patients their information is being treated and protected appropriately. Our online survey provides a simple self-check on your organisation readiness to comply with HISF requirements, not a replacement for a full audit, just an initial awareness exercise providing an estimate of your organisation’s risk exposure and alignment to HISF.

About Us

We have hands-on experience designing, implementing and managing IT environments, providing governance, risk and compliance functions to public, private or research centers and organisations of all sizes.
We have in-depth knowledge of clinical, IT and back office processes, in primary and secondary care, radiotherapy, proton and carbon ion therapy, leading transformation across businesses in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Asia for the past 15 years.
We use best in class solutions and technologies, using privacy by design and security by design principles, leveraging cloud and emerging technologies, blockchain, big data analytics and machine learning, AI and IoT.

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Health Information Security Framework (HISF) template

To help New Zealand healthcare organisations review the HISO 10029:2015 standard Health Information Security Framework (HISF) requirements we are using a template to filter the compliance level or responsibility. This can reduce the time to review the original HISF documentation and measure alignment with a simple checklist before undergoing a full compliance and audit exercise. Download […]

Docusnap X Features

Network Inventory and IT Documentation, the easy way! Proper IT documentation requires a detailed and up-to-date hardware and software inventory. The Docusnap software supports the automated retrieval of system values and configurations. Docusnap collects this data without interfering with the existing IT environment. The inventory process can be performed by means of a user-friendly wizard, […]

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We are based in the beautiful North Shore of Auckland.
PO Box 31545, Milford 0741