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Security Awareness Phish of the Day!

Keep aware of the phishing attempts we are encountering so you don’t fall victim to these scammers traps.

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Phish of the Day

Serving up NZ’s freshest and finest phish

Everyday, Medical IT Advisor’s phishermen are catching a deluge of phishing emails sent to our customers. The attempts range from very carefully crafted and highly sophisticated imitations of trusted brands, to the face-palming grammatical-error-prone boss impersonators. These con artists try to trick you into opening malicious links and attachments, and providing personal information for them to abuse.

Every few days we’ll be sharing our Phish of the day to keep you aware of what’s lurking around, as well as giving you the odd giggle at some of the more comical attempts. See below to view our curated collection of the “best” phish.

If you think you’ve been sent a phishing email, check out our security awareness guide on what to do next.

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